vending for trending or . . . . trending for vending
  spending the vending machine

  nescafe by chance so please save the dance
  attractive so pert and so lean

but sec to the sect and no sure thing of pet
 we,ll dressed in pencil and skirt

joe in the know "she,s not all a go go,
 a bit of a night club as flirt"

so trending to vending but vending to spending
 perhaps she,s be not quite so keen

like rod stewart sailing but beach balleen whaling
  nescafe it seems to turn green

till ground control to major tom
she,s talking now don,t get things wrong

"i can assure you" . . .  you can assure me
 of anything you like

a biriani it,s a fix . . . amended A.366
cause theres no if,s and theres no buts
and "we don,t want no tory cuts"
and so we sit there patty patty sing-along and keen
at that wheres my hat gone party jelly gelatine
but it,s my pary (boo hoo boo hoo) sit there all alone
jungle jane,s gone off with tarzan is he on the phone
so loungey sloungey book,s on true love romance and mathmatics
"if" "the importance of being earnest" amateur dramatics
as i hear that echo echo down that eerie litle hall
after all you ought to know so "i,m just not like that at all"
what was it that i ought to know so candy handy stick of rock
 the clockwork mincers of the mind
tick tock tick tock . . . one o,clock onr o,clock