the riqour it hardens of cranley gardens
a letter a receipt a deposit
a bitchen me kitchen a girls not for snitchen
(coming all out of a closet)
as it,s all hikey dyking but now he likes cycling
and how were all in cohorts
he rides all in rhymes as he rides all the time
in his skin tight as lycra shorts
as simon he mutters (he,s all princess butters)
gibber me wearing a hat
a troll on a stroll sense of humour so droll
"who,d live in a house all like that"
but "hello to tom" when your plan it,s gone wrong
(horny tricorny to score)
and how the balls move well it,s tripping to groove
it,s just not bunny anymore

but a nursery rhyme
 well it,s bathing time a comfy chair so i,ll begin
you always hear well it,s just so near the 50 p or not go in
or an angry knock where the no names rock
  the gingerbread of the sometimes snide
the bunny ran but he,s just all man . . . 
or maybe just a ticket to pride
but the queeny seems of poetic means it seems he,s really had enough
it must be said that we live in dread of the milky bar kid who,s . . . just so tough
  and an open door though you can,t be sure all posturing and snarling
they shoot from the hip and they keep it real
in "fairycake cell block ducky darling"
but arthur said when it came to head
some hear the ribauld laughter
but all ends well of the shower gel
of the happily ever after