but father goose is on the loose
the sabre tooth tigers are back in town
but don,t dilly dally with phil and sally
 who,s smitten for britten who,s going down
like a gobbler the grate was it served on a plate
 and mummy pray tell what,s for tea
the clown came round with his ear to the ground
 as the sailor sailed out far to sea
but fleeting meeting,s tweety bird tweetings
it,s said by some the french just smell
did dave somehow crave . . . did he live in a cave . . .
it,s said that only time will tell
and was "Sun Ra" so "out there a minute" did he really go to mars

  it,s just a toke or a maybe smoke or lager lager times in bars
but then  "your not in london now" disarmy charmy smarms
tracy said well she,d been to bed ( well the man he had his charms )

But it,s all been lost at a sorry cost and did the band play live
It,s said she,s good well she,s in the wood in 13 no 5
cause the rivulets as the water jets the "soapy suds" type rating
  The footsteps tread that we might yet  dread the slitty eyes of slatting
cause some say that blue is all the colout . . .
but he just cleaned the cooker with mr sheen
in doctor ducky,s bottoms of horrror
in a big pink girly,s submarine