hey diddle diddle it,s dave on the fiddle
the man who always tells the truth
because the first man on the moon  he was of course babe ruth
cause old dangermouse he,s hid in the house ..
of course we all applaud

some say   if,s and  there,s  no but,s . .  till ... carol   ... error ....  fraud
but passant the paycheck
a sailor a shipwreck as we all stare out to sea

(as passing all day it,s an office display  another yet pert secretary)
as flag it unfurls for the boy,s and the girls  don,t stop . .  stop the dance
dreams of a wedding a claim in for bedding . .  it could be worth a chance
till old battle cries and the flag how it flys  above the old dreadnought
as whitbread whitbread it,s been long said a pint but it,s a quart
till pluto a go  ... the pinochio show ...   the meter it,s broken of course
as anne of green fables a turn of the tables
"my mingdom for a horse"
cause sleeping bag,s lie it,s an eye for an eye
 a fairy for a tooth

  and the first man on the moon
he was of course babe ruth