in the lune a drunken tune
is this the dark side of the spoon
as we try like spitfires fly like churchill we salute the few
  jester jest . . . marie celeste
a boat without a ship to crew
but piracy is all at sea away me hearites hum to me
but like a card you never send
  gaze through haze (is this the end)
spider lairy somehow hairy true love lovey . .  . dovey do
but who got to "kissy kissy"
and who got the "birds eye view" ??

like tracy said she,d been to bed
 you,d hate yourself in the morning

"cock a doo" we know it,s true it,s t.v am and it,s yawning
but tissue a tissue we all duck the issue love me tender scream and shout
it,s just not a ball for a young mr hall (just a royal knock one out)
cause gormen it,s ghasty (a cheap porky pasty) theres just no accounting for taste
but such a rumour it,s not one to humour (theres just no accounting for haste
but groundhogs today .... it all goes asplay .... time after time after time
gunnies in greedy ... a laughing gnome needy ... swine after swine after swine
as i know now why the caged bird mings as in due time the postman rings
as somewhere a tick tock things
chime after chime after chime