he lives all alone at the top of the stairs
a fool on a hill  but the hippy wears flares
but passing to grassing i was on my way
a neighbourly need dib dib dob for the day
as knock knock then tick tock as footsteps afar
a face and the eyes from a door half ajar
but no friendly cup of tea custard cream inviting
on the dole in so dingy a hole perhaps he,s all a writing
and acts as though excalibabe has seen the dark as knight
he rode the toad so in the road it wasn, such a sight
and act,s reacts well it,s a knockout personal of wealth
he only says "me too me too . . .  a  parker so myself"
  backing for sacking somehow all lacking cackling all the way
  grinning for grinning the dark knights a sinning
but punk go ahead it,s my day

but walking down the streets at night
a turn around a smeagly sight
and is that a "chicky" there before me
  on the corner lamp of  light

  cause batman and robin  it,s time  to get nobbibg
 a case of it,s sofa so good

or think of the  cred and and  when everythings said
the laughter of "boyz from the hood"
and "hard times in these rhymes"  the smeagly of all chimes
"charlie" a vieled as invite
it,s one for the road but a hole in a toad
  as the corner leads off to the  right
as away so she gave but it,s easy to slaved
but the girl so did once wear a cape
like a damsel distress from the fanged ones caress 
and it seemed like a lucky escape