brides in bath of . . .  creepy crippen
footsteps on a stair
dr cream is . . .
 just a scream (he,s just not one to care)
and "jack the slipper" no "day tripper" was he doing swell
  maybe "fit,s" or darkest pits did this come "from hell"
and belle de-more oh my l,amour music she,s all hall
  hear ms bitchen in the kitchen
somewhere neath the hall
as the postey with the mosty  jester fester fright
as i hear the tick tock tick tock
 slumber in the night

as i realised i was stirring
 in the dark of night

would chicky chicky still be there . . .or would a get a fright
when i saw something . . . . "hideous coming" through an open window there
as i could only lie chum still as i could only stare
but . . . "hideous coming" quickly came  and left my chamber by the door
and slowly made it,s ghastly ghostly  . . .  down that twilight corridor
as i heard it moan and groan.  . . "oh ali ali ali"
oh how my heart belongs to you  so lets not silly sally
as i saw marks on shoulders bare and thought of  plots and hatchings
and knew how i,d ended up with all  those dark red scratchings
as i somehow knew somehow it was me all ghastly ghostly
as i heard the demon laugh "ha ha ha" rhyming lord roasty
but then i knew my alter ego  "rhyming roasty"  wasn,t there
and had vanished into night and into twilight air
and knew that when i quizzed myself  on some dark inquest
my mind would somehow tell itself . . .   it was jest meant in jest
as i turned in troubled sleep  i knew it was true as blue
as britains number one mincing 
mincing nancyboy
mincing michael . . . .  minced into view