oppurtunity tick tock clocks
around the comet haley rocks
a hungry heart in a union bar
 till we all fall in love with our sock sock socks
  but who,s all nude when it,s bo out ten
 it,s pork to the scratchings just ask bill and ben
  "love  cats" v "love rats" don,t mention the beermats
we choose to" toulouse" as we all get the play
till "peaches" got banned but we know who got rammed
  sexist they say at the end of the day
  "liberation for women" that,s all so what we preach
(till trolling along on a sunshine as all beach)
a "battle of bacon" heroic "hamlusters"
 somewhere "a forest" it,s all cool for clusters
a jolly as sailor in truth he,s a failure
heady for debbie and crisps without cheese
till tick tock  tock . .  eleven o,clock 
and it,s last orders if you please

greedy gunnies bunny bunnies
it,s all so hoppity hop
it,s all a slip off a tonquey to trip offf
but is he a floppity flop
it,s nero,s to heroes at zebedee,s zeros
skunk as a drunk by the bar
readers wives in dingy dives but i,ve got a jaguar car
joanna,s rosanna,s bananna,s  bannana,a
but ware of the greasy complexion
a hospital crawl (but they,ve heard it all)
an asteroidal inflection  ???

drunken drunken chippy chippy
 greasy mushroom chicky  chicky
  talk of  razors old school blazerstalking so hanky panky
potatoe cakes a shag to bragger"readers wives" a humping hagger
not so dishy quite rank fishybut it,s so hanky tanky
as julie with a girl to hankersabbath show an evil banker
and he,s local somehow vocalthinks he,s elvis he,s the king
and the girl who,s somehow snow whitemirror mirror not the thing
but she,s "hitstop" somehow "pitsop" crowd it cheers she wins the race ???
or just a greasy cone of chips
at number 9 mingington plaice  ???