but "the son of ham" it,s a hot "basque" ram
some talk still of sugar and spice
and it,s squeals on wheels as the joker deals
in this long hot slow summer of vice
and the "zodiac" well he,s in the sack
by the light of the neon lit room
it,s over when the fat bird sings,s
but it,s said that she,s well out of tune
cause a "danish" ditty in sizzling city ....
 but all,s not what it seems
it,s the hotpant,s chant,s or the righteous rant,s
but ware "the girls of queens"
it,s the yahoo yonks of the hogan honks
but at the end of the day
it,s the "gilles de rais"that,s the price he pay,s
but the lady loves milk tray