it,s final time it,s eighty four
the centre back he,s set to score
  as a bacon butty somehow hogs  ?
  the stairs they sound with the sound of clogs ?
but harp stay,s sharp  when it came to pass
 a "bitchen kitchen" window glass
it,s sunderland v blunderland
what became of the chicky chicky
she fell prey ( did the "tweety" say ") ??
to the "who knows why"
 of the "tricky ricky"

we can,t keep going on . .  bambi bambi
oh give me a starter for ten
and getting to know you and so all about you
i,m trapped like a pig in a pen
(but a winner wins a loser falls
as on the wall a spider crawls
you can do it when you b and q it
essential waitrose beefy balls)
cause a julie mug mug . . . truly hug hug
reamz meanz beanz in all but name
but are the hills "adive with music"
 or just "minging in the rain"