butt which one was heather
 in "blade on the feather"
 horny forny bottoms up

she played the field and so did yeild a "hugely sympathetic" cup
but like a troll a voodoo doll . . . .
"they sometime here they sometime there"

steve once said  . . ." they overhead" . . . "you sometime meet them on the stair"
but it,s pragmatic of dramatic  greasy chicken chips and ham
but who,s now gone . . . they sometime song . . . . and who,s the sacrificial lamb
cause ethereal hillage he lived in a village  it,s said by some he turned it down
the hippy flairs of all downstairs the neighbours talk is all round town
but was it just a "mince horizon" on the nebulous of dawn
julie came he saw the game but was it  a supernatural  fawn
because the infinite of error . . ..  on the cleft . . . . a black black hole
the actors blind . . . but who,s beh ind . . .  alas poor yorrick . . . it,s a role
but like "gillette" "a man can get " was she so his queen of hearts
nick once said it came to head . . .
but maybe when your watching darts

twinkle twinkle vroom vroom car
 a corridor a door ajar
but tom and  jerry who,s the mouse ? in that quiet as a house
a house that,s singing out of tuneis this the dark side of the spoon
but so to breathe  . . . breathe in the air said goldilox to mother bear
it,s an escape it,s so to ape . . .  it,s smoke to joke and who,d been there
a closet there but wheres the party a laughing gnome but which ones arty
"mince hard" "mince marder" or"mince a bit harder"
as old mother hubbard she,s hid in the larder
but maybe it,s imagination simple simon contemplation
("bunny me funny" v "bunny kenievel" she,s so embunnyment of evil
a crowd of a pleaser a prick of a teaseras davy the boo hoo asks why oh why ?
and is that a chicky that i see before me or trippo the hippo ... up there in the sky)

but one flew over the cuckoo o,clock tick tock tick tock tick tick tock
at room with a view but that much is true a drawer with an old roll sock
 but as i peer out .. watch the sky  i start to wonder where and why
until i hear from somewhere near
the buzzing if the buzzing fly