but rammed or dammed are we the hammed ?
a pawn a lawn a bunny rammed
a lamp a grape a missing tapebut is it just a mystery  why
on t.v. it,s . .  "the mince escape"  "a mince on the river kwai" ?
  tick tock tock   . . . "dial . . mince for  murder"
  twilight zone . . . a "coke" a "burger"
cause it,s "ad hoc" "nyeh whats up doc"
in the dark of london town
 time it lies the bunny lies
  a knock knock knock it,s coming down  ??

tub tubby slug dubby oh how the land lies
she,s all kissy kissy it,s all pork pies
but i am the walrus my birth sign is taurus
cluster the bluster makes his final stand
push goes to shove to the daisies above
and theres not a policeman all there in this land
but isley so wiley and sunshine as smiley
brian the bono leaves his trail of slime
appreciation for the nation limp wristed larry,s all dilly as dime
but wriggly to jiggly and please don,t get niggly
bill and ben ask . . . is  that really the time
the flowerpot men are all . . . zebedee zen
and a laughing gnome laughs when it,s closing rhyme

but pluto a go go a laughing gnome no show
 zique zique sputnik outer space
 cosmic jibes or cosmic vibesdick dastardly he won the race
as in the night yo ho the balleen road show thrill to bill you .... wheres the soap
and did your client so complient he,s catholic but so,s the pope
and alas "miss muck" well she,s out of luck the bar of just too few to mention
mistakes we know he,s made a few simple simon,s in detention
as "lloyd" or "floyd" the duke he toyed  like a pat of thousand japes
the curtain blinds of  "roxy" "minds" "the mince of the planet of the apes"
as so "selfconcious" pilate pontious a single can upon a shelf
a heinkel dorner in a corner a galaxy in part of elf
lounging lizard is it wizard time to see my baby jive
licken chicken plot to thicken wanted fed or playing live
a drip feed at speed a bunny in greed jingle jingle all the way
a roll of ham a french can can .... but in the end it,s just a play
cause "my my my i,m just so happy" in the bar of promised land
a "natty dresser" mad professor the letdown of the final stand
cause i.ll admit i did a giro read a book by stephen king
the dark of day a blue jay way but who,s the puppet on a ming
cause styx the nix nix ....  kerby piggy .... hydra hydra if you please
answers on he,s long been gone .... a solar wind a summers breeze
 ghost quips on ships think of hotlips the ever present fridge it hums
but is it "pub talk" or just talk talk
some say "tomorrow never chums"

but see her smoke "the cigarette" "east is east" and "west is west"
 all full board or all on board . . . no one home marie celeste
but the rent boy is it lent boy . . . "ciny show" he see,s it all
 then again it,s bill and ben . . . humpty dumpty on a wall
cause vaselinus bottimus . . .  came in last he lost the race
in due time i saw the sign . . . . then it was gone without a trace
but kim,s the name it,s such a shame ... do you want some company
don,t bring vegy . . benny hedgey . . . number 6 it,s embassy
cause live in dope you only hope but has the ship already sailed
debbie dallas at the palace . . .  am / pm . . . . all regaled
but ship ahoy the age old ploy . . . iceberg  floating  out to sea
hear the clink of ice in drink the too late now of time to flee
but "tacy,s tit,s" the grateful mitt,s time to run run run away
 talking heads the dury dreads the fa fa fa of "quest, ce que cest"
because i so know what i like and then i like so what i know
jockey gee,s the third degrees in time i watch the nightshade grow
but who nose hose that,s how it goes girly shirley,s on the lawn
it,s not chess ... but is it cress ... lose your queen to whites last pawn
cause "michelle belle" she,d kiss and tell  in the buzzing summer humming
in his room he came back soon
but was he really strumming strumming

but "the son of ham" it,s a hot "basque" ram
some talk still of sugar and spice

and it,s squeals on wheels as the joker dealsin this long hot slow summer of vice
and the "zodiac" well he,s in the sackby the light of the neon lit room
it,s over when the fat bird sings,sbut it,s said that she,s well out of tune
cause a "danish" ditty in sizzling city ....but all,s not what it seems
it,s the hotpant,s chant,s or the righteous rant,sbut ware "the girls of queens"
it,s the yahoo yonks of the hogan honksbut at the end of the day
it,s the "gilles de rais"that,s the price he pay,s
but the lady loves milk tray