watch out watch out theres a quiff about
all held up with brylcream or gel
a half open door but you can,t be too sure ...
   it,s all chickenflaps on the highway to smell
but he sold his soul for a toad in the hole ...
 thingy me pig left him anyway
the slaveman still strummeth the fridge it still hummeth
it,s just own brand sauce at the end of the day
a bob with no job . . . . he failed to dib dob
"pennies from heaven" . . . the rumour went round
"jesus want,s me for a sunbeam" some say . . .
  for sunday school it,s a good live sound
as brown owl cryed foul . . . did she throw in the towel . .
  some say titania might implode
a door half ajar but you might not get far . .
  but then who called out . . . that it,s one for the toad
but in the rose garden the stiff starts to harden
pushing up pansies it,s been such a ball
pink flowers in showers some say it empowers
but who,s got his eye at the hole in the wall ??

but see her smoke "the cigarette" "east is east" and "west is west"
 all full board or all on board . . . no one home marie celeste
but the rent boy is it lent boy . . . "ciny show" he see,s it all
 then again it,s bill and ben . . . humpty dumpty on a wall
cause vaselinus bottimus . . .  came in last he lost the race
in due time i saw the sign . . . . then it was gone without a trace
but kim,s the name it,s such a shame ... do you want some company
don,t bring vegy . . benny hedgey . . . number 6 it,s embassy
cause live in dope you only hope but has the ship already sailed
debbie dallas at the palace . . .  am / pm . . . . all regaled
but ship ahoy the age old ploy . . . iceberg  floating  out to sea
hear the clink of ice in drink the too late now of time to flee
but "tacy,s tit,s" the grateful mitt,s time to run run run away
 talking heads the dury dreads the fa fa fa of "quest, ce que cest"
because i so know what i like and then i like so what i know
jockey gee,s the third degrees in time i watch the nightshade grow
but who nose hose that,s how it goes girly shirley,s on the lawn
it,s not chess ... but is it cress ... lose your queen to whites last pawn
cause "michelle belle" she,d kiss and tell  in the buzzing summer humming
in his room he came back soon
but was he really strumming strumming