so witty so witty so sex in the city
 did i make some sort of pass

was i fawning whilst shes was all yawning
a girl who,s so obviously class
and did we both meet in a room did we greet
having a ball . . .  well it was party time
when in the (stumble) of anything else
made a mistake and (hic) thought for the wine
and wit sophisticate cosmo girls
don,t seem to make many passes
when it comes to en-ger-land
and lager lager in vases

but neroes to heroes . . .  the miss piggy zeroes
a statue that could be a trunk
  the drastic of plastic . . . . but cosmo sarcastic . . .
  the music it,s disco it,s funk
till footsteps in cloven "roll over beethoven"
"havn,t we met through  . . .  a friend" ??
sat in a chair . . .  it,s the leaque it,s a blare  . . .  sophisticate to a trend
but mocking in stocking . . .  so feline it,s shocking . . .
no red bull here . . .  give,s you mings
no second tier prize . . .   as he walrus she cries . . .
and the band it plays "my ding,a ling"
( cause some might say you talk all day into you like a train she sings
and mothers not her self tonight as the vacant  doorbell rings" )
  and that in a time  . . . of quipping sailors . . .
. . . the star wars draws of the princess leila,s . . .
  the wit to the flair of the debonair but . . .
. . . . come again  . . .   "your drunk" . . .

twinkle twinkle vroom vroom cars
we wonder home half drunk from bars
until we come across a site no pass the duchy dread
instead of "skins" from which we flee a land that,s come to head
but as we wander slowly past like old steam ships at night
a friend confess a time of stress in truth a time of fright
but quick retort a fear of nought like a hand that.s drumming
lat,s tell "oi boys" scared of you ? you,ve got a laughing gnome coming
but would the "oi boys" turn arond and clutch their sides and laugh
or just stare as lager friend just beat me up on their behalf
but in no way all half mad all swivel eyed as looney
(but is it time that man united finally ditch wayne rooney)
but muttered threats a time to bets but insane in the brain
a life of riley no friend smiley
streets without a name