a taurus at armes  till it,s jackie at charms
"i thought i,d bang into you here"
as up through the ceiling the laughter it,s peeling
patto me fatto they jeer ??
a black magic orgy with georgy the porgy
but glory a cruel twist of fate
ahe,s somehow all frightful in no way delightful
a girl who,s no kiss me of kate
no oil of a painting we,re not contemplating
a fiqure that,s not there to please
but time and a place is he somehow two face
a cant see the wood for the trees ??

but were just making plans for nigey
we just want wants "best for him"

p.c dibble on the flibble tom cat,s hiding in a bin
"bye bye baby" it,s the trollers is it "kisses" so "bucks fizz"
"horny forny" "porny corny" but frustrated as it is
but in "splay city" not so pretty till it,s raining "pats and hogs"
gallileo so "whey hey oh"the big hand turns round on it,s clogs
the "mincing of the lambs on broadway"
mince sauce comes on silver plates

no if,s butter,s girly mutters a pirate unlocks stolen crates
but it,s all clunk click and all so slick in the dark big ben wii chime
who,s beneath on hampstead heath it,s crush hour on the northern whine
but is it time to "stop the pigeon" time to "stop the pigeon" now
is that the sign of venus rising . . .
 or the circle of a plough

in london town it,s just a riot
pattacake pattacake on a diet
olly so fool and so small tool if he was she kept that quiet
  but reverie to you or me mothers coming from behind
  all des res to and right said lez  and readers  wives we,ll bear in mind
  but where and how it,s here and know some say smeagols just a sneak
she,s there to see she,s on page 3 maybe baby take a peek
 it,s all displayed the coffee,s paid  behind a hedge there in the shadows
some say glamour that we clamour when your stood there on the  gallows
but girly shirley,s getting dressed dresed then undressed all the time
lycra shorts and it,s hair of sorts but he,s lived on the seigfried lines
and old mother hubbard,s come out the cupboard but would i tell you a lie
and is that a chicky that i see before me  or trippo the hippo up there in the sky
home alone (no dog to phone) and at the end of his line line line
a friend in need is a friend in need
it,s time to dial up whine whine whine ??