but it,s all tres pasty gormenghasty
a place in some way,s maybe smarms
"a girl named propertys" a song
 the ice clink thinks for the knights at arms
a dark brunette . . . a girl you know 
not been seen since you saw the "show"
but  in the stocks or for the saville socks ( but a no go go for a snub a dub dub
julie truly it,s all duly so come along to a club a club club)
  but an an old ding dong it,s a house . . . i belong
  dumd waiters the name as the thinking one thinks
  a deco show for those in the know and  je t,aime oui je t,aime
to the clink of ice clinks ???

but money talks the mikey walks
but he owes him a favour
   a jesting nesting it,s sir festing  is it one to savour
  an auld lagne syne of strife and woe
  a creature crawl encumbered
to hear he,ll try to pry a bird to fly
  a gerkin so cucumbered
but phone a friend a message send
 would carol call . . .  pray sir  you jest
and all home jeeves its up our sleeves
 an uninvited guest

but get to grips with "nobbichocs"
it,s "nobbichoc,s" dont,s and it,s "nobbichoc,s" do,s
a drop draws applause it,s all hand,s to the paws
you stay you obey and it,s yours if you choose
and the fido fornico canine showand a treat for her hooray of henly
like a snitch witch overfamiliar being but was she a smidge bit too friendly
but it,s "nobbichoc,s" rocks as the "laughing gnome" mocks good boy fetch now sit down beg
as we might yet try for an all uppr thigh like a bang to accused on his one sorry leg
but he,s so got the look would that bring her to bookor would they end up at the ritz
is a friend just a spend is a hairpin a bend ....at the deviation gothowitz
but he,s just too nice for his very own good
don,t rise to the wise of the mocky few
don,t cringe to the whinge of the sure thing type minge
when it,s "nobbychockywhockywoo"