dickhead and dom . . . a do da run ron
a readers wife "to chase"
mince pies or mince lies
it,s all mince-ter blue skies
but was that all really the case ??
a sooker loopy star wars troopy
just don,t hog the joint
an april fool to cool to school
but was he just . .  mincing the point ??

but i just don,t know officer
dibble dibble ask me why
out to lunch the brady bunch
but mother wouldn,t hurt a fly
but draws applause a noble cause alas poor yorrick fridgidaire
the madman,s spent the meters bent but just who danced with fred astaire
  cause were they really just so happy  . . .  romeo begin,s to yearn
i can,t believe it,s just not butter . . .  but who,s sat beside the churn
  fable fella . . .  benderella . . . .  but who,s in the mince machine  . . .
the flibble sank the tank was rank  . . . .  but it,s a job for mr sheen
but talk of buttered bottomflapsthe postman call,s  it,s all perhaps  . . . 
cause did the dibble quibble quibble
bunny bunny scream and shout

but just beware  . . . .  the hippies stare
cause basket bea is. . coming out