"chicken for licken" . . . "larry as lame" ?
dark and deserted streets with no name
but scare to aware and a spliff to a spliff
but still am i followed it all hangs on a cliff
cause when the chicky chips are down
lady luck,s gone bad to blue that,s just the time the here and now
that the devil woman takes you
but it,s too late it could be fatei hear that sudden sound
as to my right a lanky manky

drops his suitcase to the ground
as he see,s me stiffen up so something with a start
we cause to chat come stagger sailor before we make to part
until he tries to reach for me to grab then grab my arm
(no chance to dance my rosied cheeks will come to any harm)
then lanky manky drunken ham spawn perhaps of satan,s beat
let me introduce myself "i,m the queen of the far east"
and it was then that cackling laugh lanky manky cackling stranger
not so much all hi ho tonto as the cackling lone deranger
and so it was that edgy hedgy slowly back away
all awhile the laughter echoed had i nearly made his day
as through those dark and built up streets i did hi ho roam
until it came to dark as house that oh so "des res" home
but as i trod that dingy hall and up that twisting stair
did i hear those footsteps steps and the voices there
but was it figment of m mind that "mr burglar" stranger
as in my mind i heard again
the cackling laugh of the lone as deranger