but "summerswine"  sang the fun boy three
but who said that the wind that it,s breezy
and who,s "mincing around" with "notorious bottom"
that bloke in the smoke the big easy
but up the back alley "how green was my valley"
a motely green "stagnation" hue
"pisces" or "taurus" but "i am the walrus"
the window,s wide open but "goo goo j,goob"
a chiller come swiller a hollywood thriller
the "rear window" drapes and they,re well  tinged with dust
it,s not like the "ritz" but some like it "pomme fritz"
it,s a case of "cracklycornfedlust"
but "meet the boy,s cause the boy,s are here"
miss piggy,s in the muppet show
it came to a head it,s a two page spread and it,s "radio ga ga radio"
because "good morning worm your honour"
"worm your honour" ... "weeping wall"
it,s the "speed of life" or it,s "be my wife"
when the "rammed" met the "hammed"
now it,s curtain call ??

save the last dance it,s all true or romance
so like a turkey united she,ll bleat
as ding-a-ling-dong he,s so all string along our centre forward is really a cheat
a roast to a boast well he,s really the toast
he,s so interstellar and so iv,e got a bike
although shes no dime to the old pompey chime our "vivian anderson lookalike"
but hotpants to hotchants (mad ant,s in dance trance)
she,s so erudite and just so full of tact
if we,d have started off with keegan we,d have won and that,s a fact
but her hearts set he,s so sure of a bet  is she all hotchants or somehow all rough
(the games a bit dull and the crowds a bit lull
until above the sound of silence  comes the bark of brian clough
but greasy as mittums this tale of two tittums
this tale tale of laughter of guffaw,s and scoff
(the chant goes up for fillery . . . so is it time to take mayes off)
until in due it,s the end of the line for a love so unrequited
(we taunt the "old man old man old man")
who,s playing for leeds united