faster bunnykins bunny bunny
  the cat got the cream and it,s  milk and yummy
a kiss caress for her dungeness
a beached balleen whaling a hummy chummy
  but a suitor she,s  jilt and  the cardboard house  built
he,s king of  the ming with a faded crown
the rat fled the mouse in the dark of the house
but he,ll smile all the while at  backslap clown

until bequeather her lay the reefer
an issue to tissue we all  fall down
  "apologisey please sir whisey"
  but in the end we all fall lown

but theres no i,s in tim
said the woulf with a grin

he lived down the end of the street
where the chum club met at buttercups bottom where the fairy was flight on his feet
cause you cant be sure of his shut that door his fistful of dollars come diddler
the tudor rose of his garden hose or of dave the kiddy riddler
as the lonely guys club at sergeant peppers hum "the camden clown"
but at simon,s succulent sausage to go' ,,,. the band played "golden brown"
as a fridge over trottered waters splays her bacon baps
it,s a my ding a ming for a  chow mein thing or her no spring chickenflaps
  for her birthday cake flies or her french fries surprise .... it,s months since the old crooner cruised
a pint a dodgy mushroom curry .....but the queen vic,s not amused
but the irnoning ladys thrills in swill.s ... the pink frill,s of taurus above
the goldilox bears in their camp hippy flairs .... and a hot turkey stuffing of love
as eyeless in gaza gig at the plaza ..... a fairy of half witted fraction
but whos got blisters for the nolan sisters .... who,s just in alien action
who,s got the rhythm of the heat who,s got the rhythmn of the drum
and somewhere near some hear the cheer ...
as the crowd cheer on red rum

say it with flowers  .  . .
 it,s girlies in showers

  romeo had a good peep
 top of the pot,s (dripping driplets on bots) it,s coronation creep
but whats on i.t.v tonight  .. . . . you might yet fail if you  bungle
a wolf whistly tail  that,s  the price when you fail

and your  . . .  queeny of the jungle