faster bunnykins bunny bunny
  the cat got the cream and it,s  milk and yummy
a kiss caress for her dungeness
a beached balleen whaling a hummy chummy
  but a suitor she,s  jilt and  the cardboard house  built
he,s king of  the ming with a faded crown
the rat fled the mouse in the dark of the house
but he,ll smile all the while at  backslap clown

until bequeather her lay the reefer
an issue to tissue we all  fall down
  "apologisey please sir whisey"
  but in the end we all fall lown

say it with flowers  .  . .
 it,s girlies in showers

a gnomeo romeo peep
 top of the pot,s (dripping driplets on bots)
  it,s coronation creep
a gobbable probable turkey (so hobbable)
  don,t turn around to a bungle
a wolf whistly tail
that,s  the price when you fail

and your  . . .  queeny of the jungle