were all ajar it,s a bar too far  mother it,s quiet tonight
it,s pool or dats his "queen of heats"
like michael we know she,s awight
but it,s sit up fetch please is he hers she,s all tease ?
( this story,s a new,s of the world sell )
and how much is that doggy all sat at the table )
the one with the waggily tail
and a jump through the hoop he,s all loop to the loop
we sit there with lager in glasses
for a mere glimpse of leg well he,ll sit up and beg
and that evenings obedience classes

but the ship it sails at night
gone with a fair wind to lava
as krakatoa it erupts ( a towering fountain of lava )
but it,s a play for not today (we contemplate discretely)
as like a thriller ends all tied up (happy ever neatly)
like an actor in a film some  like it hamster hammed
is this brighton or a light on a sheep bleats like a lamb
but poor davy "boo hoo" is it all true blue "nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh"
a floorboard a speaker all dub to the speaker "duh de duh duh duh"
but here come the warm jets we all place our sure bets
a fiver a score or a grand
till zebedee said well it,s now time for bed
and it,s time for bunnys last stand

lady . . . .  play boy . . . hey madonna
they,re all falling at your feet
just a friend but in the end
you know it,s all blah blah black sheep
but a hanging and a banging is the big at your door
it,s a gnoming gone a homing but who,s calling out the score
cause are you so excalibabe  whilst your with your shining night
 tell the truth your so babe ruth . . .  or lager lager one at night
but a friend,s just a spend and in the end just a trend
it,s a silver ming thing thing
talk of "tim pie" but just don,t gripe
when the postman call,s to ring