but outer lunch it,s such a thrill a run a star wars double bill
dripping damsels in distress but how did she try
againt the empires all lack crack a nigey return of the one eye
till home alone no dog to phone no pink panther malinger
it,s seven to one it,s just such fun the choosing of miss fishy finger
as we all clamour she,s just all so glamour but who would be so bold
a pincess caress from a girl who,s no less than a playboy centrefold
cause like jack and jill (though she,s not on the bill)  lying in bed there together
she,s no "mel as oddy" but "such a nice body" just ask his clever of trevor
but it,s not so hot it,s not so fanly cathy "the manly" well she won,t get far
and is it a case of lez us be friends (come in here dear boy and have a cigar)
as we all sit around to a juke box sound pretty in pink it has been said
a favour to flavour and one we all savour or a case of "pull off with his head"
as we all sit around for a julia dream   with her gallant prince of she,ll be all holding court
a hollywood stud and a true friend to bud  we.ll he won,t score nought out of nought
but a "sensitive side" ( he was up for the ride) it,s not just an ugly as rumour
a witch to the bitch and she,s not one to ditch (not known for her good sense of humour)
but drastic as plastic he,s so charismatic this is no time for a rhyme
it,s barry v larry at old cash and carry it,s student house party as time
as morons from outer it,s lager as louter (a bloke over there with no strides)
a laughing gnome come out for the roam we laugh till we all split our sides
till i walk past the chair and it,s davy pink hair he,s just all drunk as a skunk
up for a shout until he,s lost out to a man who,s all hollywood hunk
but some like it hot ( it,s all hot to the tot) maybe that,s all just as well
davy hair wavy all green eye as crazy out there in hippy as hell
till bitch to the witch who,s in no way all snitch "pisceans are all just so arty"
as little jack horners all stuck in a corner at barrys all banging as party