but hotlips throne it,s "eau de toilet`"
it,s a view but foil it spoil it

  hard times chymes of riddle rhymes
neighbourly she,s down below
in curtains only just apart
  bathroom two floors above show
a beard needs shaving  but . .  sunbathing
. . damsel in distress 
but the sunshine we,ve got such time
beach . . . but scanty dress
but buddy could you spare a dime ..
 two floors high through obtuse grime
  got it . . . flaunt it . . . . just don,t taunt it . . .
  deal this heart a daggers blow
in curtains only just apart
bathroom two floors above show

but who,s been creeping . . .  goldilox
  a closet  deposit it,s jackie the box
cause jack - a - so - nory  (he,ll stick to the story)

is that a poster  who,s paging the fox
( a pow wow wow  to a  bow wow wow)
  the gladness of madness the record . . . it,s rocks
  but are we living underground on a dingy submarine
somehow mingeing maybe whingeing ( but it,s a job for "mr sheen")

 but who,s been creeping  beauty,s sleeping)
the prince he,ll  convince as he hands her the chocs
the lady,s loves tray but it wasn,t  her day
he was driving around . . . in a big cardboard box

it,s blue water . . "bubbles bubbles"
wacky racers . . . "blubbles blubbles"
a drummer on the t.v drumming
  a fridge a light it,s humming humming
outside far  so near so car  travel far or round
on the tape some say the jape but it still makes a sound
because some say  it,s "englands dreaming"
"save the queen" but who,ll be scheming
suspicions of but wo,s the richer
hammer film  "mince of the ripper"
  would you like some "company"
the ace of spades s they,ll chage you more
  apart from all that theres no nois
just a knocking at the door

alien alien thingy thingy makes a surprising . . .  call
and alien alien thingy thingy,s
all hiding behind a red brick wall
cause alien alien thingy thingy
think,s he,s so hip he,s the cap of the ship
and that he,s the hit of it all
but alien alien thingy thingys
a bit of a flop he,s been caught on the hop
and how we all now know it all
in space no,one can hear you scream
(we,ve heard it from bunny she,s mean as just mean)
his alpha centauri is just like his venus
it,s ever so slightly as small