but if you pork scratchings  you end up with piggy,s
a gnome in a garden and no 6 ciggy,s
as hear the sound the howl the hound it,s opera this morning
it could be soon the afternoon the telly it,s on and it,s yawning
but who avoids it,s asteroids it,s not one to flatter
it,s a pain or just a game but take some reading matter
like a the tale we all inhale mr man the tall one
an open door a mute encore the return of the podgy all small one
a penis at the gates of porn but who,s the big bad baddy
a hole in one but who,s long gone .... and who,s just the caddy
cause whos the neighbour who,s in labour a class a lecture a lesson
a corridor you can,t be a a mannequin impression
cause big nobs and hot chicks it,s
black and white film flicks sopranna johnny rotten
encounters of the mincing kind with "michael mincerbottom"
cause all,s not queer on the mincing front i,m a teapot bamboo tree
walk for miles we,re all on the tiles until we knew then there were three
but je suis cretin if you,d met him the man he oozes mincing
on the dole but it,s a role he,s somehow so convincing
because it,s true mince 22 it somehow seems so funny
legal highs were in the skies with mrs easter bunny
as beryl said in times of dread a white boar she was nagging
lynday seens she,s hard to please she needs but who,s been bragging
cause faint heart never won fair maiden  arise "sir prize" no mingin g alien
sexy snogging no "pin hogging" please don,t "lose your head"
all goes well in darkness tell 
is that a creaking bed

i find myself asleep in sleep or sleepimg on a floor
and seem to hear . . . from somewhere near
it,s an awfully long long way . . . down that corridor
as i come from sleep in sleep . . . life is such a cuss
as i hear the cackling laugh of "rattus noisius"
as he comes in oh tall tales . . . self styled rattus rotten
a rattus with a rizzled face (not so lean as let,s get keen)
as beached balleen baboon faved bottom
and so it was that rattus rotton "hello we are the wreckers"
we woke you from your sweetest dreams  of chicky chips and double deckers ?
but i just came back at them all scathing hard and scorning
i.ll give you a starter for ten dear rattus at one oclcock in the morning
and didn,t let them get to. . .  me rise to little game
as i heard through fuddled sleep someone calling true loves name
"oh jungly jane oh jungly jane oh jungly wungly jungly jane"
but was it a cae of "romeo romeo" or
"tom" " dick" or "larry"  oh . . . what was the name ???

but like a yoghurt badly curled  a botulistic green green world
an "i,ll come running"  fridge that,s humming who,s got pink hair who,s flag,s unfurled
cause the "through dark trees"  has the dog got fleas
it,s said "she,s lost control again"
a maybe mabey raby baby on telly some watch "bill and ben"
cause up above it,s chicky love would funny bunny make a stand
elton john he wrote the song it,s "rocket man" ...  but not so grand
cause solitaire it,s long been said  is so the only game in town
so what,s the point of an all grass joint   the "sound of music" going down
until it,s yawning maybe dawning . . . the days they drift so one to one
until one eighty sometimes lately the dart it flies a hot cross bun
but an arrow who,s called sparrow honky tonky how are you
it,s a score you can,t be sure but just as low as 22
cause cosmic karma  it,s a drama . . .  period but it,s a play
an ken loach roach who,s on the coach  . . . the tv,s on a rainy day
 an inquisition mince division it,s been so long since it,s been seen
we might yet fly as some ask why "so where have all the young men been"
cause it,s a book or just "a look"  so tell me who wrote "slaughterhouse"
the not so nice of three blind mice
but it,s saucers down for the old brown mouse