Piegella paws on a  legal claws onporky my piggy pie
a pork and a pieing it,s "carry on lying" " I lovey you do" till I die
but making a racket a smoking a jacket  it,s ten high hole boots to the score
we,re  in the dock it,s all tickety tocka bitch in the kitchens a chore
  ( gratitude rattitude is it all platitude flattitude attitude  why
alone in a room in a lonesome as gloom till a maiden arrives and it,s fly)
but  nymphette a sure bet a dress that,s so well  wet thigh deep in water  to drag
it,s Mayfair we all care in turn we all stare she  goes throgh the flow  like  a jag
but Piegella  poke joke   ( alt least he,s a "good bloke") a barman for all of his ills
was she,s just easy . . . . it,s onion and cheesy
or was he just taking the pils

i find myself asleep in sleep or sleepimg on a floor
and seem to hear . . . from somewhere near
it,s an awfully long long way . . . down that corridor
as i come from sleep in sleep . . . life is such a cuss
as i hear the cackling laugh of "rattus noisius"
as he comes in oh tall tales . . . self styled rattus rotten
a rattus with a rizzled face (not so lean as let,s get keen)
as beached balleen baboon faved bottom
and so it was that rattus rotton "hello we are the wreckers"
we woke you from your sweetest dreams  of chicky chips and double deckers ?
but i just came back at them all scathing hard and scorning
i.ll give you a starter for ten dear rattus at one oclcock in the morning
and didn,t let them get to. . .  me rise to little game
as i heard through fuddled sleep someone calling true loves name
"oh jungly jane oh jungly jane oh jungly wungly jungly jane"
but was it a cae of "romeo romeo" or
"tom" " dick" or "larry"  oh . . . what was the name ???

bunny bunny boil and bubble
bunny the boiler she,s trouble trouble
no helen troy come beachy babefest fabled "hall of totty"
who clamour to glamour at bedroom door
of "vincent van bum bum botty"
but pregnant pause in foxy clause   reluctant to chatter and sip
"i in days or way,s that all of us our
but if we keep on moving round we somehow just don,t notice it
before those green eyes gangereen as she talks of "jungle jane"
as she try,s throught venomed teethto even stomach to say the name
all can "see she,s wrong for him" . . .  that,s plain as is plain as to see
as she goes to vending  machine . . .
cappucino . . .  cup of tea ??