Piegella paws on a  legal claws onporky my piggy pie
a pork and a pieing it,s "carry on lying" " I lovey you do" till I die
but making a racket a smoking a jacket  it,s ten high hole boots to the score
we,re  in the dock it,s all tickety tocka bitch in the kitchens a chore
  ( gratitude rattitude is it all platitude flattitude attitude  why
alone in a room in a lonesome as gloom till a maiden arrives and it,s fly)
but  nymphette a sure bet a dress that,s so well  wet thigh deep in water  to drag
it,s Mayfair we all care in turn we all stare she  goes throgh the flow  like  a jag
but Piegella  poke joke   ( alt least he,s a "good bloke") a barman for all of his ills
was she,s just easy . . . . it,s onion and cheesy
or was he just taking the pils

bunny bunny boil and bubble
bunny the boiler she,s trouble trouble
no helen troy come beachy babefest fabled "hall of totty"
who clamour to glamour at bedroom door
of "vincent van bum bum botty"
but pregnant pause in foxy clause   reluctant to chatter and sip
"i in days or way,s that all of us our
but if we keep on moving round we somehow just don,t notice it
before those green eyes gangereen as she talks of "jungle jane"
as she try,s throught venomed teethto even stomach to say the name
all can "see she,s wrong for him" . . .  that,s plain as is plain as to see
as she goes to vending  machine . . .
cappucino . . .  cup of tea ??

but shirt tails and top hats
and screaming old cow pats

the buxom bird lives up the stairs
and who,s that going to san francisco flowers in his flairs ?
and go buddy go for the one a.m. show to be a fly on the wall
or "hello darkness my old friend" .... like a fabulous fairycakes ball
a fated romance .... as the icebergs all dance ... on an old ship thats far out to sea
though some might say at the end of the day mr humphries are you free ??
and did he somehow measure up did chelsea win the f.a. cup
did "peter-no-wood" score the goal or did the crowd just roar out foul
is he just as game as a pantomime dame
as snow white she threw in the towl

a passage of time . . 
or a passage of rhyme 
(sleeping on a floor)
  the grand of "old land" when it,s clusters last stand a heroine to chore
but men without glasses it,s bear cheeked as classes there at the end of the hall
she,s not there alone like a dog near a phone too blurry there yet to call
(and theres a time and theres a place when it.s "spanish castles in space"
and it,s been said some live in dread she,ll turn aroud it,s all to face )
but the botty d totty of cynthia snotty butt raiders got her in the sack
but theres a time and theres a place
it,s said the empire minces back

dave,s last meow . . .  a curtain call
a bitch queens play he,s cattyall

the bunny hopped amongst the shelves would people recognise themselves
like humpty sat upon a sill  with fingers caught in stickey till
as from above it,s chicky love  she shows me her . . .  momentos
a low cut v neck out to sea wreck
such  "in . . ter . . esting ". . . photos ?