get in tune with melanie tunes
the mystic of meg the lord of the runes

a trouble ex of morning sight but dreams of love joy in the night
"oh this lady,s not for turning but come fill me love joy toy"
until it,s time to guess to jest hugh,s been a naughty boy
as i somehow find myself jungle jungle up the junction
but is he really cool for cats or is it nearly time for luncheon
but "getting complaints" is she is is she aint,s we tiptoe up that stair
as like davy boo hoo boo hoo i pretend to care
and come across that oh so sexy would be queen of brighton rock
lying face down impish smiling  tick tock tick tock one o,clock one o,clock
as i try to leave the scene to somehow try to hide
i find myself so oh entrapped i,ve lived on the darkness side
as i hear that oh so cough cough you,ll have to try so hard
it,s time to hide beach balleen ride wheres my discount student railcard
but as like dancing chick to chicky the course of true love goes off track
and try to guess who,ll bitch to snitch behind who,s best friends best friends back
but not amused so baaing laughter talk to stranger on the phone
(the king of fool has lost his stool
and you know what he,s like when he,s been dethroned)

but a friend in need is a friend in need the importance of dramatic
and as it tick tock,s one o,clock
would we be attic attic

in a box said goldilox give a sloane a phone
repoirtee . . .  means all to me  who made the lisa moan
i see the here i see the now and with her the never
but "hit me with your rhythm stick" you must "try a bit harder" says clevor
but fine art acrude ala venus a nude time for some action at stations
a desperate dan but she,s so in the can time for some good as vibrations
but dare to bare at the who hare to care is it of her that i,m dreaming
i,m calling on joe "sotto vocce" you know
 and so california scheming