but onwards it,s said to the chimers ball
the clock it strikes one to the cinders call
as we dance to the trance of the "neroes heroes"
 flatter to platter the "zebeddes zeros"
  cause all "can see so wrong for him"that,s as plain as all to see
aa laughing gnome went on the roam
he saw that it was chicky,s for free
but hear the laughter
ribauld laughter lager lager  "self obsessed"
and he couldn,t open the door that time becausehe was "getting dressed"
and flubbing me blubbing that girl she,s been snubbing
he thought he was up for the cup
he seems all so sound till he,s running around and getting his hopes all right up
but "what" it,s been said "are you doing here" batman he  stayed in the wood
who was it that said like the joker that fledtoo nice for his own good
cause the clockwork mincers of the mind
they ride the magic roudabout
but that girl over that  . . hasn,t got a clue
what on earth your talking about

,it,s a date a captain star log
can,t keep going on ( porky pig hog )
until it,s time to run to hide
"all we need" a slimming guide
on his lonesome never clever
one to seven put together
because it,s time to metamorph
( said snow white to her second dwarf )
cause like the taste of boullibaise
the dark of night a corpse to raise
the monster mash ( a lightening flash )
in the deadly dead of night
but like a date who,ll start to grate
it,s really not a pretty sight

remember november the size of his member
gunpowder chicken flap plotty
it,s all clever clever it,s all now or never
but has she in truth won the lotty
"you,re not" could be "very" like tom he chased jerry
  "confidence"  it,s all are "you"
a hug for a friend but a friend is a trend a record collection for who
it,s all dub me crazy but was it just lazy left outside the door
there on a mission but such a suspicion a rumour that it was a chore
bedevill me cliff is it time for a spliff
a movie that,s all black and blue
pester the jester the bedsheets to fester
it,s just not a point to eschew