but are "we pastie to be grill you"
 it,s an "ocean" cross the sea
elaine restrain of the viel disdain  it,s not to far it,s near to thee
but fad to had a likely cad  .. around an island  .. .me hearties rock
is he a sloane he lives alone .... until the clock strikes ... cuckoo clock
but he came from places looks on faces ... it,s been said if pigs could swill
the no pains gains but the song remains ... a "big match" ... just ask "jimmy hill"
cause the "brussell,s krauts" of the whereabouts .. the late night call  the poets pen
the live fast loose of the purple moose ... it,s said the big bad,s left his den
but spare the fly said lady di it hovers round mouldy cup
the not so clean of the mr sheen in the cafe now the game is up
but the damsels played or in dungeons stayed . . . the chilvary of long lost years
the all for one or the one for all  of the fairy minceter purple ears
cause whose the trender in the blender ... who,s the milky milky shake  
the on the stairs of discrete affairs make mine a cadbuy,s chocolate flake
cause the through the glass  when it came to pass it,s time for abba dabba do
till the do da ron of the plan gone wrong .... the hallway of the betty blue
but the "rosemaries scabbies". . .  she,s got rabies foaming fido in the sun
  but skunk to slaughter  . .  .. spare the water ...   not the charismatic one
but on the cusp of conquering the draws it,s said in time will fall
mother would they drop the bomb ....  and did the landlord really call
cause like sue said well we live in dread his royalty had long been spent
who,s the bud who,s such a stud ... or who just owe,s him two weeks  rent
but in gloon  the afternon  whose "selling england by the pound"
it,s said he rode the circle line .... which rumour had it just went round
cause a "delta dream" like a loose stitched seam a kettle wrapped around a flex
he came at night it,s not awight in truth a "bottysaurus rex"
but the pros and cons of the jungle johns elaine restrain she,ll not be kissed
it,s all a game it,s not the same  was he the one that hitler missed
but a reefer chum chumcircus humdrum travel up and down the line
it,s said he ran it,s in the can but did he just get home on time
but spare the spruce of the gilded goose it,s the honkitonk of how are  you
harvey proctor was a doctor .... the sundays said ...  it must be true
but the pirate said that we live in dread  elaine restrain . .  it,s all so rum
and meet the boys cause the boys are here
and it really ain,t alf auchwitz mum