oranges fruitcake only the lonely
  lonely to sloaney to roamy i am
as up in the west where it,s trending to jest (i,ve lived in the land of the sham)
and sat in a car under lights it,s a star out in the dark of the night
as we autobahn car and we seem to go far and drift all the neons alight
but the cat,s all away do the mice call to play saggy to baggy but jive
(set your controlds to the hear of the sun with interpiggy overdrive)
but wings of a dove in a tunnel of love the drifting of neon we ride
is girly shirley a "woman in love"  always the bridesmaid but never the bride
but calculator alligator smiley crocodile
crafty tennant raise a pennant see you in a while
a sloane on a phone (but i,m here all alone) and at the end of the day
it was all because of the claws to the paws
and because the lady loves milk tray

like a nude  on an artists easel
caught like a gnome  in eye of the weasel
and you won,t get far if you cite "red star"
  it,s boerclays  bank when  it,s cabarert nights
  a slouch end in "crouch end" such a good "just friend" (slobbering over those fish net tights)
cause none the budweiser or so said the kaiserthe tree was it an oak an elm
  it was atilla a basement a pillar the ship had it gone off the helm
till the green eyed funster of uncle munsterthe drama the climax the hitchcock of birds
just like a seagull a peck at the eagleactions they all speak it,s louder than words
but alway,s remember the fifth of november
in the dark of the bar save the neon light
and all we ask is don,t bring larry
 des res in the dark of night

but ware the vibes of the hippy flairs
Just sit and watch him paint the stairs
cause it,s black and white as the knight took flight, excaliber or just a dud
but it,s nero,s grape for the masking tape ... the band played death and night and blood
but grouch the slouch on the casting couch  queens gambit has it been declined
It,s just a play but it,s not today . . .  the strangler ran the alley blind
but then the old codger he was  just such a lodgerthe rook was a crook it,s a game of chess
It,s a scotch game blame by another name the dark still waters of loch ness
cause the rook saw the look by the babbling brook but in the end she ran away
It hadn,t been but it,s now been seen ,but the light it,s alright at the end of the day
but the "chatty man" has he got a plan the jibes or the vibes of the hippy flairs
It,s just "a toiler on the sea"
But sit and watch him  paint the stairs

but blamesberry,s at sainsburys ....forever and ever it,s demis roussos
I met anne there but she didn,t care  strawberry meanz beanz  was it hummous ?
and benny hill but don,t ask jil was it was fortune was it fate
  a shopping bag but it,s a drag but sat around his mothers plate
  but who,s the  patter one to flatter  ... old black joe,s still pickin cotton
 watch the giant hogweeds go ... but  just don,t mention johnny rotten
or bunny bunny greedy gunny  want,s to teach the world to sing
pass the butter so some mutter .... would the postman call or ring
but let them have they,re cake and eat it aintoinette  was she the queen
  lose your head then live in dread  of robespierres madame vaselline
cause david niven ( it was given) or did the cow then jump the moon
  a fairycake flight in the half neon light ....  as the waitress stared at the silvery spoon