but "life is like a butterfly"
the island of love is it shown now on "sty"
well it,s roll up roll off but i,m not one to scoff
did he give you the eye is it all just a scheme
( bitches drop stitches it,s guffaws in britches
in lieu of madame guillo . . . queen ? )
cause england can,t bowl and we know that can,t bat
it,s snatches poor catches we know about that
a no butley mutley he passed round the chutney
lord lucan got lucky but which one was pat
till bunny gets plaque but who,s vaque about haigh
who,s your best chum . . . who,s your . . .  rock hudson,s . . .. rock
one for the road did the gunny yet goad
but who,s just in . . .  ducky at hanging cock ??

but "chicky rafficky" she,s big bad and licky
. . . capricornus crack

a gunny in greed . . . but in need yet of speed
 in the throes of a flaccid attack

 but il,s all out  to sea for the flowerpot three 
as old father thames came to chime
as  the stars shone above was it "fatbum in love"or a benzodiaze . . . . swine
but if pigs could swill well they probably will . . . 
but could he look her in the eye

  cause its cheap pigswill slop in the old private shop . . .
  just a beach balleen whale legal sty
but a prozac piggy a rainy day swiggy . . .
it,s said that pride precededs a fall

but if your feeling stressed with mental strain
then it,s time for the swill of it all

but a good friend in need is a beached whale indeed
on a stove it,s a chicky madrass ???
but unlike a curry from hall in a hurry it,s somehow not crassy to grass
but it,s not all too late and it could yet be fate it,s written all there in the stars
a tete a la tete when it,s rachy as late and so like a spaceship to mars
and a laughing as gnome had in time found a home although shes as had as a hatta
who could reseist and she,s so on our list hertemptress  her clittiopatta
but tainted love or painted love had she been sent from the chicky,s above
had romeo romeo poets of allwrit of her in reamz as reamz
or at one o,clock in the morning writ of her in
. . . .  beanz meanz meanz . . . z