as i flashback nights of fickle nights of fickle
fun and laughter with ms tickle
as we st around and talked (times of chat and song)
before wallpaper drab repelled (like some pervert bard repelled)
things went wriggly wrong
as creepy cracks paper cracks cracked open
 wriigly worms creeped through the wall
were these wriggly,s out to get me (was i wriggly for a fall)
as i stared at wriggly wrigglers (eerie sight no way "ho hum")
i realised i was well in need
(it,s time to dial up nine nine nine) of some wriggly,s spearmint chum
as i asked limp larry lampshade was this all some sort of test
were theses wriggle wriggly crawlers somehow putting me to jest
as larry lampshade giggly giggling
(this worm here is not for wriggling) this is the planet of the tapes
i heard laughter somewhere near  loud guffaws of guffaw laughter
from the land of a thousand japes
as i realised grope on dope  that in the end there was no soap
as larry lampshade somehow turned ...
 into a bunch of grapes