as i flashback nights of fickle nights of fickle
fun and laughter with ms tickle
as we st around and talked (times of chat and song)
before wallpaper drab repelled (like some pervert bard repelled)
things went wriggly wrong
as creepy cracks paper cracks cracked open
 wriigly worms creeped through the wall
were these wriggly,s out to get me (was i wriggly for a fall)
as i stared at wriggly wrigglers (eerie sight no way "ho hum")
i realised i was well in need
(it,s time to dial up nine nine nine) of some wriggly,s spearmint chum
as i asked limp larry lampshade was this all some sort of test
were theses wriggle wriggly crawlers somehow putting me to jest
as larry lampshade giggly giggling
(this worm here is not for wriggling) this is the planet of the tapes
i heard laughter somewhere near  loud guffaws of guffaw laughter
from the land of a thousand japes
as i realised grope on dope  that in the end there was no soap
as larry lampshade somehow turned ...
 into a bunch of grapes

bitchy kitchy bitchy bitchy bitch bitch bitch meow meow
scratch my eyes out true love fall out
 keep your hair on . . . now now now
but then i once shared digs with martin just don,t mention little steve
but "little steve" is up my sleeve a laughing gnome to a pow wow wow
"rat bloke" "what bloke"  in a room joke "no toke" what smoke face that,s kissed
tennents super troopper trooper  riders the apocalypse
no bike hitchhike freedom i like new age rage it,s dare to care
no intention but to mention pink and girly curly hair
nice,n knesy not so easy a car too far it,s outside evens
  join the club it,s blub a blub rock star "little shakin stevens"
cause it, so beanzy write in reamzy "fat bum" "so hum" "tote maze trous"
but was it all "gone with the wind"  or "julie with the open blouse"
"but it,s a nob out"  laughter fall out "icky bicky hole wole wole"
but it,s the thin end of the vegy trips out to the dole wole wole
but in truth a cloven hoof she,ll sing her heart out greatest hits
but trump to dump until he thinks of  "kenny everetts naughty bits"
but mother mother love another like a fly that,s humming humming
a dingy thursday afternoon . .  but who really saw it coming
cause some say that pride is hunbris that humpty dumpty had a fall
but . . . when it comes to mirror mirrir
who is the most mincing of nancy boy mincing
mincing fairycake of all ???

but on the grass or on the pave
 it,s all gone with a happy wave
like a rock star it,s a box car chicken george who,s left the cave
but like a magazine parade it,s there to see a film thats played
it,s a sham .. it,s all west ham ... although his arms around her waist
he ate the curry in a hurry .... didn,t really like the taste ???
 pat chance romance save the last dance somehow unconvincing
he,s no  failure ... hello sailor ... it,s just his hair needs rinsing ???
 it,s a plan ... he,s of a man ... but no matter how he tries
it,s rinse convince but time to mince ... it,s "gay soc" time with all "the guys"
the sometimes grates associates .. a car in germany
lambs to slaughters come "q. guaters"  but a cup of tea
the thought occurred it,s not been "stirred"  "a girl named property"
but "for sending me an angel" it,s "fourth drawer down"
but "oblique speech" hinary to teach "kitchen person" clown
cause "frankly my dear well i do give a dam"  it,s all "good mincing vietnam" 
and like "night thoughts" it come to noughts"tales of" that so limp so slack
 it,s just pretences he,d fiddle expenses i,m a duck pond quack quack quack
but a pat chance romance  save the last dance but really all the while
all starsky and hutch when it comes to the crutch ..
  he,s down the great denial ???

honky tonky hello sailor do tell how are you
as ian says that . . . they,re like people they,ve got feelings too
i heard the speech papa don,t preachbut would it make his day
(an arrest you surely jestin this month of may)
a "suspect mincing " down the high street
in a "mincing" sort of way ?