but mr pye he,s maybe sly  nothing to troller yet
in some ways outskirted to felines a flirted
no foxy,s who,s sure of a bet
but talk of ms hatters in no way all patters
 she,s alright that,s sure of a bet
but talking jaywalking . . .  as  eyes on stilts stalking
to "big bad" its well it,s all yet
and then spot a feline a frission of fine wine
not with such a bognor as face

no desperate as dan (  well she was in the can )
although from the minging as race
but touch on a shoulder as walk on by bolder
all of your chickys for free
or time to get your money for nothin
it,s rtime to a rhyme we will see

a saveloy chips or it,s chicky madrasses
a ceaser we all hail a "wally in glasses"
as dark in a tavern a lager to cavern drinking  in near empty bars
the creep and the all crawl of michael the mincing
 and all of the minceters from mars

but heads tales or lose it,s the "lady toulouse" so few of us there all to know
 not quite so pain when it,s lady igrayne .... some seek to now boldly go
as, greeny eyed munster or fester the funster  .... a waltzer .... a drink for a ride
all comes to fail (and he,s not one to hail)  time for a caustic aside
so "do they give classes in wallies in glasses" give me a starter for ten
and lady igrayne it,s all well to plain,when all,s done the manly of  men
as overhead ( well it,s been said ) a seagull laughed till he cried
you couldn,t  p...p..p...pick up a penquin ..... even if you tried
but it,s all the views ... of the news of the booze a new empty space by a bar
the moral the story .... but is it vote story ... the walrus it now is my star
but it,s in the drink or is it i think it,s now the end of the show
stood by a bar .... or a wandering star ....
 maybe it,s now time to go