but it,s all tres pasty gormenghasty
a place in some way,s maybe smarms
"a girl named propertys" a song
 the ice clink thinks for the knights at arms
a dark brunette . . . a girl you know 
not been seen since you saw the "show"
but  in the stocks or for the saville socks ( but a no go go for a snub a dub dub
julie truly it,s all duly so come along to a club a club club)
  but an an old ding dong it,s a house . . . i belong
  dumd waiters the name as the thinking one thinks
  a deco show for those in the know and  je t,aime oui je t,aime
to the clink of ice clinks ???

but money talks the mikey walks
but he owes him a favour
   a jesting nesting it,s sir festing  is it one to savour
  an auld lagne syne of strife and woe
  a creature crawl encumbered
to hear he,ll try to pry a bird to fly
  a gerkin so cucumbered
but phone a friend a message send
 would carol call . . .  pray sir  you jest
and all home jeeves its up our sleeves
 an uninvited guest

we can,t keep going on . .  bambi bambi
oh give me a starter for ten
and getting to know you and so all about you
i,m trapped like a pig in a pen
(but a winner wins a loser falls
as on the wall a spider crawls
you can do it when you b and q it
essential waitrose beefy balls)
cause a julie mug mug . . . truly hug hug
reamz meanz beanz in all but name
but are the hills "adive with music"
 or just "minging in the rain"