but get to grips with "nobbichocs"
it,s "nobbichoc,s" dont,s and it,s "nobbichoc,s" do,s
a drop draws applause it,s all hand,s to the paws
you stay you obey and it,s yours if you choose
and the fido fornico canine showand a treat for her hooray of henly
like a snitch witch overfamiliar being but was she a smidge bit too friendly
but it,s "nobbichoc,s" rocks as the "laughing gnome" mocks good boy fetch now sit down beg
as we might yet try for an all uppr thigh like a bang to accused on his one sorry leg
but he,s so got the look would that bring her to bookor would they end up at the ritz
is a friend just a spend is a hairpin a bend ....at the deviation gothowitz
but he,s just too nice for his very own good
don,t rise to the wise of the mocky few
don,t cringe to the whinge of the sure thing type minge
when it,s "nobbychockywhockywoo"

but "christine lent me" so "her pencil"
"library the other day"
never seen . . .  but in a dream
a dress "a see through negligee"
who,s the mother . . . blues the colour . . .  essay on it,s althusser
how he did he flipped a lid it,s all there on page thirty four
but is it true it,s "rathole two" a bloke a joke but who,s the chump
in some way,s like nevin plays . . .  but "all in all it,s just a dump"
but it,s s strife this is your life careful so that axe eugene
hippies lib i tell a fib it,s there in book one page sixteen
freud he slips on greasy chips down there in that neon light
it,s a ride on the poseidon tell me whats the film tonight
diddly dave it theres no gravepit some say theres no if.s no buts
theres no queer in insincere
and she sure had a lot of guts

but he,s got "a durex on his head"
he play,s for chelsea john bumstead

the dread to shed it came to head . . . . kissy kissy you or me
the game delays the tannoy play,s . .  it,s heads toulouse it,s tails to flee
  but all in hand in sunderland it,s play at home or play away
  neander cave she was his fave we all know how she made his day
gunny bunny . . . but a honey . . . greedy speedy down the line
it,s said the song remains the same . . but hanging on for extra time
but then we call out . . . wheres your father wheres your father referee
we know he tried it,s not offside the centre bach he,s no 3
cause some might say that blues the colour . . .
some might ask if blues the game

and are we really all together . . . .  winning really is the aim
cause franky goes we ask who knows . . . .  hobbitsies they live in dread
  a bulldog beagle looked like smeagol
  with a blow up "durex on his head"