it,s final time it,s eighty four
the centre back he,s set to score
  as a bacon butty somehow hogs  ?
  the stairs they sound with the sound of clogs ?
but harp stay,s sharp  when it came to pass
 a "bitchen kitchen" window glass
it,s sunderland v blunderland
what became of the chicky chicky
she fell prey ( did the "tweety" say ") ??
to the "who knows why"  of the "tricky ricky"

but who said what and what to whom
at the side of a bar in that dim lit back room
cause in some ways we hush well who once met kate bush would the man with the child in his eyes come to croon
but like a beam splits as it passes the prismit,s a christopher cretin cretinism
cause the one well she,s  "wow" but the other ones "sow" and on the pork side of the well out of tune
and the sound of the bluburbs who lived in the suburbs but happily ever after
as jack and swill went up the hill to loud guffaws of laughter
but a crocodile smile ... well he,s swimming the nile .the phone ding a ring,s and it,s ticky tick tock,s
i mean that most sincerely he said ... it,s time now for ... knockertumity knocks,s
and "i just love those strawberries"  ... said ...but "never for ever" "babooshka" "la la"
well "some girls will and some girls won,t" but wheres that uptown "disco bar"
but make an appointment for dissapointment . . . like a bargain basement barmaids take
but we still heard the fable, the snooker table.,but did he really make a big break ??

but zoe,s a dream with her strawberry ice creamrasping raspberry  mint choch with bit,s 
but back of the shop hear the bunny hop bop ....she,s one of his latest "greatest hits"
but don,t "mock the monkey" let,s all keep this funky the radios on and she,s number one
a no bad mad karma "bannana rama" "it,s a kick inside" o it,s "band on the run"
but "oh england my lionheart" a chocky ringed doughnut and change from a tenner
the horses all race but "shudduppayour face"and "this means nothing to me vienna"
like the "piggymephwoar" well you can,t be too sure shes no "symphony in blue"
as dave starts to rave .... he,s in no way her slave" but he,s bitten off more than he can chew
but who had a dream was it really a scream who,s dunking doughnuts in the dark
the hippy once said well it came to a head  "like the doughnut robot went out with the ark"
but i once saw blade runner the plot was a hummerdo androids dream of electric sheep
 are cretins electric .... the plot it gets hectic the hounds of love go . . . bleep bleep bleep
but the "american werewoof in london" howls"lubus van army" he brings up the rear 
did the curtains aside did he somehow just hide or did he end up"pansy prized with queer
 but some like it rock like a "night scented stock" but sleeeping like a log ??
 and we all know that "barry" was randy for "mandy"but that "mandy" was really his dog"

but coffee homeground it,s his new latest soundit,s a "fullhouse" and were over the moon
and it,s "strawberry ice cream forever" some saybut it,s said that the t,shirts are coming out soon
but who,s just "in search of peter pan" the sun alway,s shine but it doesn,t sunshine
and who,s really "wow" just so "wow" that she,s "pow"
but who,s just in the last of the summer swine

but life can be so unforgiving
jammy dodgers it,s a living
as in these chimes . . . .  the hearts of rhymes
the memories of  . . .  a time reliving
but hear the pain the pert refrain
 of a heart that,s . . . scorn scorn scorn
amidst the pop . . . the pop pop pop  . . . . 
the pop pop pop . . . of the corn corn corn
as in these times the damn of grimes
we clean the grease of sometime chores
it,s note a boat to float . . . but
evidentially yours  ?