men are from mars on a small ship to venus
the rhymes of the times when it,s inches between us
cause memories . . "they,re all the same"  . . . as hog to jog . . "it,s just a game"
as big bad voices echo echo . . . down a breezy corridor
it,s all roll hoven and footsteps cloven . . .  somewhere live goes on the lower floor 
but "into you" i don,t just "wanna"  it,s tea tonight but is it sham

see you later alligator is it all really all west ham
cause a rumour "sense of humour" . . . julies . . . happy after life
maybe geeky maybe sneaky . . . but who,s "cowface" be my wife
but a boney "tony phoney" mad-eline it,s somehow sad
a rub a dub dub snub a snub snub . . .  but really was she quite so bad
but a glower . . . in a shower . . skimpy towel and tousled hair
and who walked in on  "goldi-unloxed"  when she was all "teddy bear"
cause on a board like it,s somehow been scored ... she,s up there with the "sabbath show"
and a "sure thing" . .  "ding a ling thing" . .   "playboy" like a girl you know
till a new floor . . . . points there to score ....a laughing gnome has been long sung
in the room a moon balloon . . . and on the wall he,s so well hung
"feminist" i think the gist . . pay,s the piper calls the tune
but roll the dice thrice . . .  postmans rings twice .... a troller but it,s in the rune
until it,s arty party party crowded in that double room
when it comes to "mr witty" piper plays a diffrent tune"
greeny munster mr funster but there might be room to stand
and then it,s manic all titanic... bedprings spring ....strike up the band
because a gnome he,s found a home ... and in the cries he,s so well sung
maybe all lies .. just a third prize ....
but on the wall he,s so well hung

Under my door ... a secret note
i,m belle de la ball and i so get her vote
"on my darling lordy" i,m hood to the wood
i need to tell you .... so far so good
  times that i see you ... rock of a star sure thing of witty admire from afar
as it,s just so clear to see  . . . there for the seeing of seeing
you,re such a manly man of a man . . . a chunky hunk of a being
and when we,ve met in corridors a lynxy fragrance lingers
and blush so rush to secret room  it,s time to get rhyme with  .... fishy finger ....
oh meet me oh meet me oh my darling steve
then we will see how we,ll see how we,ll see
as i start to get it ... the irony irony
everyones got it .... the irony irony