but in a land of "library nutters"
"mr mumbles" mutters mutters

  unbuttoned slip a time to quip a sultry cardigan so fine
don,t make a fuss it,s 40 plus like it,s all mature a studied wine

as in a land of "buy one" "free" of "discounts" "deals" and "passes"
dd dowdy frump and proudy oversized as glasses
but hard times in theses rhymes it,s said that the clock chimes
 a damsel in distress and  grumpy

or maybe it,s all just back to mine for sizzling sultry "humpy frumpy"
  i,m no phoney "moany joany" what is it that i need to say
  and mademoiselle it,s "an/smiley"  mr darcy all the way
but "pride" or "sensibility"  ding dong ding dong wedding bells
but in the dark of "mansfield park"
  it,s said a true gent never tells