as i remember . . . bygone days
black to white  . . .  it,s tom browns days
in the frame i,m oh so licky
as i,m dancing . . . chick to chicky
it,s true love aristopats
but ware the basement . . . bats to bats
but i,ll protect my chicky chicky
from the beast the hooded claw
but take care . . . if you go there
to mind the vampires . . . at the door

as i somehow find myself
somehow back in time
captured like the late great byron in the midst of rhyme
cause in my youth i tell the truth i was no.  . .  no hoper
unlike smarming "mr fawning" scorming porning doper
although it wasn,t just a case of z z zebedee zero,s
as it,s pass the duchy round to all the guy,s from nero,s heroes
 captain chris that ribauld stud that grand old duke of york
tells us all about the time  he sailed on good ship "piggy pork"
as we tick tock tock one o,clock at one o,clock in the morning
mit,s on tit,s it,s the greatest hit,s
 of the girl who,s t,shirt is open and yawning
and crack jokes about the girl whose face could launch a thousand quips
although ms glamour seems to think she,s got kissy kissy lips
 "nigey" (take it lying down)  say,s (hic) rather felching or belching
hurry for curry on hideous hallform an orderly queue you please
for a second helping
as i somehow find myself i
it,s see through time . . . . wet t,shirt night
then hear the tread of mincing monster
 and then wake up in fright