but a heathrow "desk" it,s "information"
 coconut airways confirmation
when it,s it T thingy A but it,s fly me today
a laughing gnome who,s going down
the stop stop start but she had a heart

the two page spread of the circus clown
and the terminal of terminal  the picadilly,s all of all
the northern line the hampstead whine michelle my belle but not so grand
the stop stop start ... who got the part  the no slouch couch of theatreland
  but then the claptrap in the mincetrap the west ends longest running play
but  who played poirot who did the giro the audience in enthrall sway
and  did miss marple . . .  somehow sparkle  did the lead forget his line
the bloodied lawn of zulu dawn ......  but then the mince of frankenstein
but then chanel of contemplation "afraid so" show sophistication
the "lumiere" in "leicester square" somewhere near we hear the sound
it,s the camp of maybe tramp musker busker underground
and coconut airways on the stairways escaltaor up or down
worzel gummidge on the rummage bohemian or circus clow
but in due time the bells they chime the roamless of the muttered stare
some ask why it,s worth a try but what was on at "leicester square"
  it,s all lez miz  who likes bucks fizz would the curtains come apart
woe is me it,s plain to see the backstage rumours come apart
as "alektraphobias flappus flap flaps" a wherefore art thou audience clap claps
the lawyer might .. he could be right ... he came out with a blinding clause
such tight leather .... but which ones heather
a mincer without a round of applause