watch out watch out theres a quiff about
all held up with brylcream or gel
a half open door but you can,t be too sure ...
   it,s all chickenflaps on the highway to smell
but he sold his soul for a toad in the hole ...
 thingy me pig left him anyway
the slaveman still strummeth the fridge it still hummeth
it,s just own brand sauce at the end of the day
a bob with no job . . . . he failed to dib dob
"pennies from heaven" . . . the rumour went round
"jesus want,s me for a sunbeam" some say . . .
  for sunday school it,s a good live sound
as brown owl cryed foul . . . did she throw in the towel . .
  some say titania might implode
a door half ajar but you might not get far . .
  but then who called out . . . that it,s one for the toad
but in the rose garden the stiff starts to harden
pushing up pansies it,s been such a ball
pink flowers in showers some say it empowers
but who,s got his eye at the hole in the wall ??

but a bouffant hair rincer in "ice station mincer"
 who,s on the mystery russian sub
and who,s just the heros the "ice station zero" ...
it comes the panic stations blub
cause a frozen roast chicken and gravy to licken
 it,s said that fate he rolled the dice
It,s the cruel hand of fate or just taurus of late or maybe it,s all just the slippery ice
and it,s ouching and cursing it,s tom thumb hand nursingc entral london,s whereabout
though "Michelle my belle" ... is she guessing as well ...that it,s not a royal knock one out
cause it,s said that "Denise" that she,s not one to please home alone in skimpy towel
Like a cold polar bear in the penquins small lair ...until the referee called fowl
cause it,s sub zero skating it,s big girly grating
 the snowman stands in the dwindling light
and some say that blue that it,s really the colour
but the snowman knew that it was really white

but twentieth century cocks presents
`ripley "off shorts" saves the day
horatio hedges blows his horn but it,s said by some that all cats are grey
that the sound of silence echoes round so like a heart that,s reeling
 that the sound of sunny south africa so echoes through the ceiling
or could it be that old sean queen in lady simoana,s lover
as "these days"fade from one to one and from one to one to another
but we all know who,s up there all alone like the long lost city of troys
and that it,s just a big "limp for a vampire" at simon,s "finishing school for boys"
and nostromo my homo on h.m.s go go .... as "ash the flash" he strikes up the band
and that it,s "all shorts tight and beautiful" in simon,s adventures in wonderland
as the new dawn frays as the organ plays ... it,s the purple headed mountain grass
cold he tread the dread bannana skin ... yet still regale his "kyber pass"
but "ooh matron no" it,s the own o,clock show it,s all aflarious by night
it,s rich tea bisques come risques my pisques ... it,s all a somehow festering sight
it,s randykins and bunnyslurps ... at benny hedges last resorts
but as the ice caps fade to grey
whos, just "the thing in very tight shorts" ?

but the wizard sang as the doorbell rang. . .  it,s time to see my baby jive
the lipstick flair of we just don,t care . . .  or was it boots own no 5
 "shut that door" . . .   you can,t be sure . . . .is he in or is he out
roll on beethoven footsteps  cloven  on the magic roundabout
but who,s the has been who,s the scream queen after midnight on t.v
who,s the stooge in lipstick rouge would mother mary let it be
  a willow tree we,ll come to see  on  itv they still do plays
  it comes to pass he but he just likes grass
it,s not against the law these days  ??