bognor faces dingy places "hi de hi" it,s holiday camp
as for a fair rent she,s all washed up and spent
beach balleen whaling to thank
cause belle de la ball she,s the hit of the hall
thunderbirds are go
no desperate as dan but it,s there in the can
"the fido fornico show"
till a sinking of ships leads to all three line whips
( like a cat it fell out the bag )
will the caretaker call it,s a rosy cheeked bal
like a bad trip it,s all just  drag

like a nobbing to toad it,s dinge new abode
in a hum house all five storey tall
but in the light of the darkness night
it,s timefor the postman to call
but like a "toiler on the sea" an odour a musty as smell
a stairway,s all there an it,s eagles to dare
and it,s all there in darkness to dwell
but a dark corridor tennants nought to the score
to a dark room that,s all view
but in the light of the darkness as night
 it,s paradise lost to the few