but we know that miss porky
  a porky come yorky
a yorky so porky . . . they named her twice
a gunny go corky . . . a corky come porky
st valenswine came round . . . more than thrice
as thrilling for swilling a tweety bird trilling
st valenswine said it was all asplay
but it,s said valenswine . .
 made the porky one pine
well it,s on i.t.v at the end of the day

as i remember times of song
 cinematic nights with john
was it brown girl in the ring or the creature called the thing
mincing monster mutant chiller but in some way,s cheesy
like ms piggy (see,s it coming)but she,s just so easy squeezy
as it,s known as blokes to blokes that she,s the butt of a thousand jokes
as she spends another night "passion to passion" oh mr true blue
then runs sobbing sob me shoulderpsychic soulmate "davy boo hoo"
"fate oh fate me" chris the cretin as he trolls round hideous hall,s
it,s not too late come hear the tape
we all know how . .  he creeps . . he crawls

but imagine horror of horror
 if you met him in . . . his smalls