as owly howly hoots in barns a tom brown ... clown ... it,s "ripping yarns"
pink my boxy it,s gone roxy play my tape out ... it,s a jape
infamy it,s infamy ...alas poor ceaser,s a jape
as somewhere near a tweety bird sang jeeves and wooster please sir you rang
something fishy but a dishy ... mr diddler ... what a clown
but prap,s we all  don,t look quite so perfect ...  in the end "we all fall down"
   seventeen we,re out for seconds (as long as "mr humpy" takes)
a right  reply but don,t ask why it "wasn,t fair" but pattacakes
as "thompson twins" a wolvine grins  is it lovey on your side
as somewhere near "red rum" to hear as the horsemen start to ride
but asteroids we stare in voids gardens they get flooded bugs
it,s a ciggy with my piggy ...  lager served in heaving jugs
but pray tell what propoganda  has the man been hashing out  ???
until we do the ockey cocky and then we turn it all about
till big bad foxy not so roxy  ...  out the closet dressed in frills
"what sort of mind" it,s not so kind  about as much as pills for jills
as the angels start to harken do we all "remain in light"
  as the lights dim do we all swim in the dark and dwindling night
but is there is nothing left but wraith a dead man,s bouffant hair gel gel,s
a limp parade a girls gets played ... all cats are grey but ...  which one tells
but ryans daughter it,s "blue water" space invaders at the mugs
it,s a rumour there to humour ... he,s got a problem now with drugs ??
until chernobyl (gone all global) rumour has it,s all doomsday
out for shopping bunny hopping walking long it,s like a jay
till it,s raining halleluyah ... halleluyah ... raining men
  like a sheet it,s hard to sleet it,s a time of now and then
it,s a jingle in the mingle(one man and his wig his wig)
beware the ploys of "bottle boys" it,s telly time for "porky pig"
but hideous the ugly buggly "the mince the mad and the gluggly guggly
 "i love the smell of ...mince in the morning" as in the plain it,s now now now
whos the goon in the platoon ? "abottylypsy now"