but "herbert" and the three sag hag,s
in time he,s caught with "belzy,s mags"

the over of leggy the dice up of "vegy" a sometimes fridge of somehow scoff
eureka said plate-o or peter potato
the minge in the dinge of the chilled out sloth
cause coffin or troughing "i,ve been in this coffin"
or so it would seem for a long "long time"
  in u2 he,s edgy the sweet corn of "vegy"
an isle all the while and it,s fosters wine
but is it so tardy and don,t kiss me hardy
the wind whips the sail and it,s bonzai tree

the waitrose of who nose or sainsbury,s all goes
and "tetley,s make teabags" they so "make tea"

but jane who,s no plain or a jungle to name s
a stew in the queue of the somehow reamz
but not such a "sure thing" no ding a ling ming thing
  the meanz of the beanz and the beanz meanz meanz
  but humphrey the halfwit he just didn,t get it
and old humpy whumpy he,s sat on a wall

chicky gets blubby a slug dub gets dubby
in a humpystiltskin,s tell so tall

but jaspers a carrott long silver,s a parrott
a licken me chicken thats been fed on curn
hit me said "dury" but wary the fury
don,t turn oxtail on a woman porned
a "practical joker" a practical poker 
who wants to be a millionaire
some say "ro-lester" the court of the jesterfor some the understated flair
but please do go on like a bird in a song excalibabe it,s just a flick
cause all,s just not swell that just doesn,t end swell
and "i,m telling you that,s one weird chick"
as a new dawm of larder in theses times of herder
a rich teas to biscuits like teas,s to a cup
but  "come in number 33"
it sometimes seems "your time is up"