but phew what a porker a gunny go corker
but tell me why i don,t like moday
the l.e.b. commeth the fridge it still hummeth
but who diddled the giro on sunday
and the rubba tub tub,s as the gaza blub blub,s
hogpant,s it,s said that she,s dreaming
some still sing "3 swines on my shirt"
but the laughing gnome is he still scheming
like a "camel toe joe" well he,s running the show
the clock it ticks down as we all check the time
did he sizzle too soon did she sing out of tune
do we head now into extra swine ???

johnny rotten . . . kissing bottom (sir you surely jest)
out to sea no port to lee the arianne celeste
a girl to rave she,s such a fave no time for uncle fester
time to rhyme but it,s no crime we hail the court as jester
a herbie hoard a clapperboard but is it all so shammed
nosey parkness in the darkness it,s all horror hammed
a "wit to woo" but is it true laughter that,s all canned
 michael mincing  . . .  so convincing
 in the village of the rammed

diddly dave it dug his gravepit
halloween it,s monster mash
do you want some company the sun it,s put out with the trash
but it,s joking only poking .. hear the laughter all in fit,s
girly good friend . . .  is it pretend . .  bedding claim ... it,s benefits
till it,s thingy . . .  doorbell mingy .. troy he call,s round one or twice
sunshiune lounger "shop a scrounger" . . .  hear the story  . .  very nice
  till invasion all evasion  . . . somewhere here i left the moon
tv plan plan it,s all can  can . . . . on the the park side of the spoon
but we just ask "don,t bring larry"  creeping in without a sound
like a rat hides from cat . . .  that hears from near a howling hound
all eastender back "to sender" tally ho we read the score
he,s "not known" the bird has flown
and doesn,t live her "anymore"