but were just making plans for nigey
we just want wants "best for him"
p.c dibble on the flibble tom cat,s hiding in a bin
"bye bye baby" it,s the trollers is it "kisses" so "bucks fizz"
"horny forny" "porny corny" but frustrated as it is
but in "splay city" not so pretty till it,s raining "pats and hogs"
gallileo so "whey hey oh"the big hand turns round on it,s clogs
the "mincing of the lambs on broadway"
mince sauce comes on silver plates
no if,s butter,s girly mutters a pirate unlocks stolen crates
but it,s all clunk click and all so slick in the dark big ben wii chime
who,s beneath on hampstead heath it,s crush hour on the northern whine
but is it time to "stop the pigeon" time to "stop the pigeon" now
is that the sign of venus rising . . .
 or the circle of a plough

but a horse and a carriage an unhappy marriage
the bed it doth creak in the nigh
i walketh the stair and tis francis is there  all there in the glow of the light
and a laugh and a joke theres a wiff there of smoke (the woman she weareth a wig)
a chocolate bon bon but theres nought to hold on it cometh the end of the gig
but then not so wiggy comes porketh the piggy he knows what we all think of him
its a car to the score and an old corridor a ghoull or a fool in the din
and slowly it flies as the father thames lies lets talk of the thespian such factors
cause jacky you see well he means such to me  our finest shakesperian actors
and in truth you havn,t been so careful you  havn,t been so clever
and so it,s time come play with us for ever and ever and ever
a but worry ye not cause some like it so hot  and it will be just so heaven
  it,s time to get arty and it,s all party party right there in two three seven)
but sweet dreams in reams and reams  thats how it seems a tale and the colour is  blue
a curtain comes up and a coke there to sup
 it,s coming soon and it,s  near you

but quite frankly my dear i just don,t give a ham
bout the sultry sal,s or the simpering scarlets

and it,s ducky,s abound well it,s such a live soundat the house of the histrionic harlots
cause he saw the clown jewels is it england he rules ..
the three musketeers or it,s captain hookas he stand,s near the door well you just can,t be sure ...
with that ... jacket over the shoulder look as he played such a blinder like an ol peaky grinder ...
the whistles they echoe but who,s on  the stair
he sign,s that book it,s a certain look .... it,s all bon hmie with a certain flair
but a fairycake fluster but was it just bluster it,s reel to reel or so to speak
but was that just a diffrent time a year a month another week
but it has to be said ( on theses stairs that we tread )
  the room next door was half glass emptyfor thirteen long day,s and thirtenn long nights
 they just had so much took time aplenty
but for peace of mind ... as the beggar went blind ...
and the bull dipped his horns and the crowd called out ole
it,s reel to reel as he made a deal ... with "achilles-accessio-hum-chum-holey"
cause it,s all freaky creaky a big boat so leaky .. it,s said by some we know he try,s
a hug for a mug was the wig like a rug but was he really .... one of the guys ???
cause as maurice abounds on edwardian grounds it,s curtain drapes and it,s lips aquiver
but was it really "ice cold in alex"  .... geexers in freezers but who starts to shiver
as old walter mitty he fondled his kitty it makes you sick but it,s all now and zen
as tiddles he riddles the big black man he piddles ...
 for every good one then there,s ten

cause at oclock as the clock did tock he seemed in some way,s disaprooving
as the someone scowled and the harlots howled and the rhythmic music it was grooving
as some say their clever but "lets stick together" or so sang model jerry hall
as he walked down the road he could stiil hear the goad ... the mice they play as the cat,s they call
cause that,s what i call party party ... the sultry sal,s and the simpering scarlets
the girls they all called as debauchery ruled
in the house of the histrionic harlot,s

oh lemme a fiver
 a lady godiver

the news of the mew,s
 and it,s all around town

but there,s a time and there,s a place
. . .  and mother . . .
it,s all coming down