but an "airies ingress" it,s a pun
a mincer underneath the sun
a chicky ga ga blah blah blah blah
 the foxtrot play,s it,s seconds out
the "stagnant" "knife" it,s "be my wife"  it,s at the palace thereabout
but "shock the monkey" who,s the junkie  it,s been said it,s in the past
lanbs to slaughter bathing water in times the die has it been cast
but who,s the weilder who,s the fielder butter fingers to deceive
and  how she hollers the splay city trollers
 it now depends on who you believe
cause turkeys fly like lady di a rock star it,s a base refrain
was she in truth his queen of hearts or really just his lord fouls bane
cause "the mincer cracked from side to side"
 the bread it,s sliced  like mothers pride
it,s licken to splicken it,s time to roast chicken
but was it really meant in jest
the twins they played but who delayed east is east or west
is best
and brighton town the sun went down but did he have to  work so hard
  the  fly it flew when chelsea drew but in the oven it was charred 
cause mushroom mouth he travelled south a kitchen scrubbed by mr sheen
 some heard the mirth the fourth of firth but not tonight said josephine
but as we search for nesbitt,s niblett,s cross this troubled land

would chicky chicky still be there
to help us make our final stand