but it,s a bake at cafe crepe
but who,s been creeping up the stairs
quibbles at nibbles as dastardly dribbles but who,s been wearing hippy flairs ??
cause muswell hill where i met  jill or jill by any other name
harp stays sharp we fish for car it,s said the song remains the same
cause pansy and petal the colour was meta lhow much is that coffee we ask bill and ben
who said 50p it was easy to flee as we see through the trees it,s the mincerspread men
cause it,s a bake at cafe crepebut who,s been creeping up the stairs
quibbles at nibbles as dastardly dribbles
but who,s been wearing hippy flairs ??

now then now then  . . .  going down
the crazy world of arthur brown
insane . .  the brain . .  we travel by tran
the girls they were "corrected"
an axe to grind  . .  of a turkey kind
which one will be . . .  selected
  a drip . .  drip . . . drip . . . but who,ll  let slip
in notting hill jill,s set to ride
it,s all tallyho it,s the cinema show
   but in a tunnel . . . theres nowhere to hide

the riqour it hardens of cranley gardens
a letter a receipt a deposit

a bitchen me kitchen a girls not for snitchen ( coming all out of a closet )
as it,s all hikey dyking but now he likes cyclingand how were all in cohorts
he rides all in rhymes as he rides all the time in his skin tight as lycra shorts
as simon he mutters ( he,s all princess butters) gibber me wearing a hat
a troll on a stroll sense of humour so droll"who,d live in a house all like that"
but "hello to tom" when your plan it,s gone wrong ( horny tricorny to score )
and how the balls move well it,s tripping to groove
it,s just not bunny anymore

but twentieth sitting ducky presesnts it,s crackers  for crackers it,s break a leg
it,s fable black darling all solliloquey starling as guy porks pops corks on his gunpowder keg
as the parrot hop hop,s he,s on top of the flops an island of dodgy old treasure
return to "sender" but beware the bender he,s at her majesty,s pleasure
  like ol larry lummy your ol lummy chummy .... your chummy ol lummy and strife
like a gaylord onboard till the ship,s beached or shored .... would he then run away with your wife
and "josephine" like a cat with the cream .... he,s all hooray henry and haddock
  a big bad ducky on some like it plucky ... but a fan of fanny craddock ??
like rattus the rottom a liketh for bottom ..... like a big girls blouse of a fuss
a weeping willow with his face in the pillow ... a duckybilled nancyplus
and ducky galore well you can,t be too sure ..... he,s a man in the can and all bants
  "he,s a lumberjack and he,s o.k"  but he,s somehow "zero points"
so willy my woofter a cloven aloofter as the footsteps they tread on the stairs
  but who,s that "going to san francisco" . . . purple flowers in his flairs
but quacker with slackkers for greasy fried flappers .... the bitch queen she opens her gown
but as snow whites comes centre stage .... would the curtain just stay down
and lady jane splay learns her lines from the play ... stood there in the shadows
like the fate egraine curse for charles the first .... some say that he blubbed on the gallows
as "capain ducky" waits his turn .... to get is cue on time
or "rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit" he,ll just get caught out down the line

jill it,s all nobbing a black pud it,s gobbing
 meow . . . a cat called puss
  readers but whose wives and guess who,s got nine lives  (porkus prematurious)
cause sizzling a session a puss-in boots lesson chirpy me chicky cheep cheep
saggy me knockers are so off they,re rockers but would a wolf laugh at a sheep
as moaning all groaning all laughing boy gnoming just make sure . . . toady the line
but loneliness is swilling me . . . so
  piggy baby one more swine ??