but is it art when it comes apart starry starry night
a no ear hear ... hear the big bad sneer was he her shiming knight
a banna rama diva drama ... a star signed first edition
a wherefore art thou romeo ... come juliet rendition
till  a 1, 2, or 3 that,s "miss average that,s me" in time he might yet fail
would the penquin sing would would the postman yet ring would the labrador turn  tail
  but althusser well he went to far ... a careful ... an axe .... an equation
a big tweety bird but you havn,t you heard .. a hetro come hero persausion
said "cess quip sally" but don,t dilly dally ... it,s said that she well liked the rhyme
blakes 7 incher it could be a clincher  .... but get me to the lurch on time
but an average sized penis a small ship to venus ... ziggy stardust went to mars
it,s contemplation .. across the  equation .. in ent,s hall or in  main lounge bars
cause mines a "blub-weiser" .... she,s just not the wiser .. it,s said that she,s not in the know
  who,s in "escape to alcatraz" who,s in "the last mincer show"
but who,s  too  good in the dark of the wood it,s said by some that he whined
who,s glamorous for the amorous but who,s otherwise inclined
but "regina brit" it,s her greatest hit we,ll "he,ll never lose interest in that"
who,s lester the fester who,s just the court jester
  but they all called her pat

but peter goes to hollywood
the mersey he,ll cross on his ferry
the cats away the mice might yet play .... big tom and his merry
 knights in tights and on those hallway lights  ... three flights up those stairs 
a rincer a mincer a  fannybags party ?? ... get those hippy flairs ??

 in a daze like a purple haze .... of real ale and wenches he dreams
  did the laughing one gnome did  "queero" rule rome ... did he play at the theatre of screams ??
but  "jimi" my rimmy my chinny chin chinny ....  in the closit who hides ?
roosters in  chicken it,s all finger licken and much much more besides ??
but like a knights spurs well it,s purrs for furs to  india by car
it,s kitchen sink or it,s "pretty in pink"
and once more friends unto the bar ??

but is it fate it,s destinationa  crowded bar an exclamation
"you,ve just split my drink" don,t drink so i drink
but "don,t let them push you around"
but irony tis plain to see "jolly podger" run aground
"i ran the world"  a yoghurt curled ... dub me crazy it,s a sound
 "jungle jane" it,s all too plain  even if it he was "too nice"
 patters to flatters my porky patters .... as the postman he mings twice
but unlike jill who,s apt to spill a ship it sails without a boat
 a gang of five but it,s gone live ... a cutlass held up to me throat
a dredger dreg .... for  "jake the beg" turn to bar from leering hoard
the pirates down .... but cloughie clown ... he,s got the full trust of the board
as paws to jaws it,s an applause fin to grin beneath the plank
as heres your drink i still don,t think ... a curse rehearse  ... a ribauld tank
cause as we sail this "jolly podger" fated fatefull ship of fools
some say "never mince the buttocks" ... but "here comes the kiss pistols"
until aground ... a grating sound ... a foreign shore bereft beacon,s
a whoop a cry .. an arrow fly .. is this "the mince of the mohicans"
but wit to rid what she just did  a "jolly rodger run aground"
you,ve spilt my drink  don,t drink so i think
but "don,t let them push you around

but the nightingale sings as the fat lady mings
once more unto the party blind
it could be me it could be thee  the clockwheel mincer,s of the mind
cause the cretin of chrissy the kissy of kissy the franky goes shows of the old moster mash
who,s there in the closet (he made a deposit)the chatter goes on of it,s gordon to flash
and old saucy jack black ( you would in the sack crack )and move over "jimmy" she,s there in the eye
but monroe a go go a laughing gnome no show but grin in a gin is it time to apply
a pocket so needy me a gunny whale greedy"evasion equation" but maybe so sly
"clarissa the darling" to "starlet the starling" caught like a pork in a piggy pie
cause the nightingale sings as the fat lady mings
once more unto the party blind
it could be me it could be thee
the clockmill  mincer,s of the mind