as in the cold day,s light of death
 i draw deep down i hold my breath
as things go flow to reeling spin . . i hear that knock knock let me in
as i ponder knock knock caller so called friend or friend of true
chris the cretin (if you,d met him) ian angst or davy boo hoo
and it might have been foretold if i,d only well who knows
open  creaky door half open mystery caller p.c plainclothes
time to get  . . uh . . . fuddled something scanty babes . . dunes in the sun
the loony,s could be on the grass, time to run  run rabbit run
but some quest a knight to jest a game of chess or even snap
  fridge to cool no village fool no simple simon chickenflap
as voice echoes . . information  . .  information come in handy
in a quest for villanous villain  . .  villanous villan handy andy
so hadn,t squealed it hadn,t dealed it beanz meanz wasn,t in the can
hadn,t had his chicky chip,s yet villanous villan "batterman"
but as start  . . it,s not all heart, slow heart beating slightly bolder
become aware of beady eye eyes . . .  squinting over shoulder shoulder
as i come from mystic fountains knights of laughter babes of fable
was it lying where i,d left it  . . left it lying on the table
but if it was it somehow wasn,t in this quest a funny life
as p.c plainclothes makes his way day . .
in his search run for your wife

at witching hour  . . .  one o,clock in the morning
snoozing to snoozing or half asleep yawning
knock knock tick tock what,s the show
a chinny chinny bang bang low
and for my chin let chinny in falbled artist already know
"just so (mumble) very drunk somehow cannot find (hic) keys"
cannot find my way to flat,so cold so (hic) dark if you please"
but as she tries to steady feet (feet),mumble stumble tries so hard
thoughts go to debit . . . time to get credit  a mayor store advantage card
a lusting for busting dilems that,s thrusting
 reeling for feeling oh my stickey paws

fated like icebergs on wintery night  a moral dilema a legal as claws
but maybe i just fool myself, a court buffoon a laughing gnome
and p,raps tis time like arthur knight . . .
to help miss mumbles home

but "who,s that creeping" beauty sleeping
snow white all alone
the door it creaketh slowly upon"king is on the throne"
but it,s said that "weasels wobble" in the end they all "fall down"
who,s the chum whos just so hum who,s the circus clown
like pisceans somewhow arty airies are they fated
is it written in the stars "machismo illustrated"
but we fester who,s the jester  beanz meanz beanz it,s in the can
somewhere near but we can hear
"the evil ice cream van"

ride for a faller but  creepy the crawler
 but just who is really to blame
  trash and cash and carryfor "tom " "dick" or "larry"
well that,s all . . . . really a shame
but these are your  lives  when a cats up nine dives
  in some ways it,s really a game
and if only ghouly went whoop to the whouly
or i could remember my name

woe is for me and for all as to see
i lived like a ghost on an island
and it,s not the prettiest sight so to see
all beached balleen whaling as thighland
but "wrong so for he" now as "all as can see"
a rabbit thats randy as .... rand land
and woe is for me and for all as can see
and i lived like a ghost on an island