but "who,s that creeping" beauty sleeping
snow white all alone
the door it creaketh slowly upon"king is on the throne"
but it,s said that "weasels wobble" in the end they all "fall down"
who,s the chum whos just so hum who,s the circus clown
like pisceans somewhow arty airies are they fated
is it written in the stars "machismo illustrated"
but we fester who,s the jester  beanz meanz beanz it,s in the can
somewhere near but we can hear
"the evil ice cream van"

ride for a faller but  creepy the crawler
 but just who is really to blame
  trash and cash and carryfor "tom " "dick" or "larry"
well that,s all . . . . really a shame
but these are your  lives  when a cats up nine dives
  in some ways it,s really a game
and if only ghouly went whoop to the whouly
or i could remember my name

woe is for me and for all as to see
i lived like a ghost on an island
and it,s not the prettiest sight so to see
all beached balleen whaling as thighland
but "wrong so for he" now as "all as can see"
a rabbit thats randy as .... rand land
and woe is for me and for all as can see
and i lived like a ghost on an island