heres  johnny heres johnny
mince pies it,s such fun

but readers beware of the hun in the sun
cause was it all really so "springtime for hitler
  was everyone really so . . . happy and gay
it,s a ruse were not amuse but at the twilight of the day
an all curator dress me later gollums hiding in the vault
he,d all the time to rhyme the rhyme 
so was cacofonix at fault

a hairspray gell so please do  tell
 a laughing gnome to fable

but was it really just a case of
bongsies is under the table

two,s company but three,s a chair
the tv,s on but four,s a stare
a graveman for caveman a devil come slaveman
it,s not time to scream and shout
it,s sll des res . . . . 
. . .  it,s right say,s lez

it,s said th devil minces out
but then did puff the magic dragon
really live so by the sea
as life goes on it,s . . . . somehow wrong
till . . .  tick tick tocks . . . . .
it,s half past three  ???